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Create Exceptional Growth with a Telemarketing Services Company
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By: Arlette Measures
Using Telemarketing to Create Exceptional Growth

Exceed Your Sales Goals with Outsourced Telemarketing

The success of a telemarketing campaign depends on several key factors. The selling script, the time of the day when calls are initiated, the expertise of the telemarketing services representative making the call, and the quality of the calling list can all affect the outcome of a campaign.

Telemarketing is no longer the unrestrained, unstructured process that it was in its earlier days. Today, due to stringent privacy regulations, ever growing Do Not Call lists and a consumer base that is fatigued with untargeted, poorly timed and incoherent cold calls, many telemarketing campaigns meet with failure almost from the first call.

This need not be the case, however; telemarketing can be a substantial source of sales growth - when executed correctly. A telemarketing services provider who is well versed in best practices, current and new legislation, and has an inherent sense of what resonates with customers can give your business an edge over your competition.

Sales messaging is the foundation for all your sales and marketing efforts, according to sales and marketing effectiveness expert Michael Cannon. 'Most companies do not have a definition for their sales messaging, let alone a methodology for how to develop and deploy it,' Cannon states. 'The results are millions of dollars in lost revenue, higher sales costs and missed bonuses.'

He recommends using the following ten principles for creating effective sales messaging to increase orders and improve your company'sprofit margins:

1. Have One Specific Offering. Sales messaging is about selling one complete product or service. A number of products and services bundled together can also be considered one offering. Products or services that are sold on a stand-alone basis will require sales messaging particular to each one.

2. Target Each Buyer. Consider, for example, whether the buyer you are targeting is a prospect, customer, channel partner, industry analyst or investor. Buyer sub- types include user, technical and financial. Identifying buyers by title, role and offering will help to create sales messaging relative to each buyer's interest.

3. Answer the Buyer's Primary Questions. Each buyer has different buying questions. For example, prospects want to know, 'Why should I buy your solution rather than a competitive option?' Customers are asking, 'Why should I continue buying from you?' Channel Partners wonder, 'Why should I distribute your product or service?' Tailor your answers accordingly.

4. Support the Product and Sales Cycle. In the early stages, the most important question you need to answer is, 'Why should I change what I currently do and buy a product or service like this?' Educate the buyer on why they should make that change. Later, the primary buying question becomes, 'Why should I buy your solution rather than a competitive option?' Your sales message at this point should highlight factors that differentiate your company.

5. Incorporate the Black and White Factor. Studies show that the human brain comprehends best when it's presented with a clear contrast between opposites. Statements like 'We are one of the leading…' is not as compelling as 'We are
the leader in…' Use sharply contrasting adjectives like Only, Fastest, Easiest-to- Use, Best Value, etc., to create powerful sales messaging.

6. Employ the Differentiation Factors. Five important differentiation points include Time, Money, Risk, Strategic Position, and Personal. Attract buyers by appealing to as many of these points as possible.

7. Provide Proof Points. Most buyers consider your sales messaging to be mere claims. Increase your credibility by providing ample evidence to support what you're telling your buyers. Make full use of customer testimonials and case studies, the best type of proof points. Also effective are independent 3rd-party organizations such as ISO and the Better Business Bureau. Demonstration or proof of concept implementation is the third best type of proof point.

8. Apply the 'Me Too' Factor. For your sales messaging to be truly effective, differentiate your company with claims no other company can make.

9. Organize into Three Points. Points presented in groups of three are remembered more easily. Construct your sales message using this principle to maximize effectiveness.

10. Use a Single Page Summary. Simplify the answer to each buying question to a one page format, which is the most your sales reps and buyers will be able to remember at one time.

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