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By: Arlette Measures
Guide for Call Center Software for Your Business

Providing a high level of customer experience without sacrificing efficiency is a top
priority for most businesses. Whether you are dealing with consumers or business
clients, providing prompt and effective customer service is vital. It is also increasingly
challenging, as customers often have specific preferences as to how they want to
contact or be contacted by your company.

Top Challenges for Call Centers Today

1. First-call resolution (FCR) is widely regarded as a hallmark of customer service
excellence. This becomes more challenging, however, as the frequency of
customer inquiries escalates, and providing an immediate resolution is not always

Customer satisfaction diminishes and annoyance increases when callers have to
be transferred to various agents before speaking with someone who is able to
address their issue.

2. Inadequate integration can also be a barrier to call center efficiency. Most contact
centers utilize a range of applications that handle key processes like workforce
management, order processing, and payment security, as well as vital tools such
as automated voice response and predictive dialing.

When agents have to coordinate the use of these various systems during the
course of their workday, this can have a deleterious effect on the efficiency of your
call center.

3. Providing the communication options customers expect is another looming
challenge for call centers. Consumers and business people alike are accustomed
to having a variety of communication methods to choose from, including chat,
social media, email, phone, and mobile channels. Call centers are working hard to
keep up with these changes. Many find it challenging to decide where to place
their focus, and often lack the proper staff and resources to effectively employ all
available methods.

The cost of losing customers due to a lack of efficient and varied channels of
communication can be enormous. And when you consider that 89 percent of
participants in a recent study stated that they would take their business to a
company’s competitor after experiencing poor customer service, the importance of
ensuring call center efficiency is clear.

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