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are you driving away your best candidates
Are You Driving Away Your Best Candidates?
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By: Arlette Measures
Reasons to Consider Applicant Tracking and Verification Software

In a recent survey1 of 5,000 job applicants, more than 25% reported dissatisfaction with the hiring processes of companies they had applied to. One of the top reasons, cited by 75% of participants, was never hearing back from the company, whether they were hired or not.

Why is this small courtesy so important to applicants? Because it can make life easier for the harried job applicant who is facing what is often a major life decision, and who may be waiting to hear back from you before accepting an employment offer from their second or third choice company.

But why should you take the trouble to respond, if the applicant has not even made your short list? In other words, what’s in it for your business to acknowledge the applicants you choose not to hire?

Your Reputation Will Precede You
Hiring practices that respect each applicant as an individual, regardless of how many applications you receive, are the mark of a quality company that will also treat its customers, vendors and employees with the same regard. And more than 80% of applicants do expect to hear back from you—even if they were not selected for the job. Applicants who are turned off by your hiring practices won’t just shrug their shoulders and move on. Nearly one-third of study participants indicated that they would be less inclined to purchase products or services from a company that did not respond to their application. More than 40% said they would not apply to that company in the future; 22% would tell their friends not to apply there, and 9% would tell others not to purchase from that company.

So Make It a Positive One

Ensuring that applicants have a positive experience, on the other hand, can enhance your company’s reputation; 56% of applicants who felt they were treated well would consider applying to the same company in the future, 36% would advise others to apply for the company’s openings, and 23% would be more likely to recommend the company’s products and services to others. Clearly, your reputation as a company is not solely dependent on what your customers say.

But what if you are overwhelmed with applications? Can you really expect your HR staff to individually respond to each applicant—even those in whom you have no interest?

How Applicant Tracking Software Can Help
Another recent study2 by ISG revealed that Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) can accommodate the expectations of today’s job seekers while simultaneously helping small to medium sized businesses save time and money by streamlining the hiring

“As the ‘war for talent’ heats up, CEOs recognize that their employees—especially Millenials—expect their interactions with HR departments to be as easy and engaging as shopping on Amazon,’ ” said Debora Card of ISG. “Finding and retaining the right employees is also a top concern, and managers are looking to HR technology to provide analytics to help them make better employee decisions.”

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