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Work Order Management
Four Ways Work Order Management Software Can Improve Dispatching, Scheduling and Invoicing for Your Fleet Employees
Also Receive No Obligation Quotes from up to 5 Vendors
Also Receive No Obligation Quotes from up to 5 Vendors

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By: Arlette Measures
Four Key Ways Work Order Management Makes Businesses More Productive

Cloud based work order management software lets you easily manage field workers and scheduling, making it especially valuable for companies looking to improve and enhance their capabilities in the office as well as the field.

Here are four key areas in which this streamlined approach to field service management creates a much more efficient workflow for both business owners and employees.

1. Mobile Management — Yes, You Can Be Everywhere at Once

The versatile mobile functionality of these solutions is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and is easily accessible via any Internet-connected device.

You can send SMS, email and push notifications to your employees in the field, and they can readily relay critical information back to the home office using a mobile device. Users can quickly create an invoice and even capture the customer’s signature as soon as the job is done.

Information is automatically stored, saving you both time and money. You can also create custom quotes for your customers on the spot, within a matter of minutes. Here are some important capabilities to look for:

  • 1. Office and field workers can keep current with job updates and details.
  • 2. Field crews can view job schedules and get directions to each site
  • 3. Receive mobile alerts and send updates from the jobsite to the main office.
  • 4. Capture and store images from the job site.
  • 5. Driving directions help employees to arrive on time.
  • 6. You can close a job directly at the jobsite when it is complete.
  • 7. Offline mode is available, so all data is saved when out of range.

  1. Work order management software can greatly improve the productivity of your mobile workforce by extracting actionable business intelligence from real-time and historical vehicle and driver behavioral data.

    2. Client Management — Easily Create New Client Records and Manage Existing Ones

    Work order management systems let you view all of a client’s details in one place, plus add contact details, site locations, documents and images. You can even log phone calls and create custom fields that capture information that’s a priority to you. Client management capabilities include:
    1. 1. Creating new quotes.
    2. 2. Easily creating new clients.
    3. 3. Adding new jobs to existing clients.
    4. 4. Managing existing clients and jobs sites.
    5. 5. Creating and sending invoices.
    6. 6. Assign equipment and inventory to clients.
    7. 7. View work progress in your dashboard.
    8. 8. Disaster recovery so you don’t lose data.
    9. 9.Syncs with your Google or Outlook calendar.
    10. 10. Integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting software.

    Your work order management software will ensure that you don’t overlook anything important as your client base expands. It simplifies account management by keeping client data all in one place and maintaining a record of all jobs over several months or even years.

    3. Inventory and Equipment Tracking — It’s 9 O’Clock; Do You Know Where Your Inventory Is?

    Work order management software lets you track your equipment so you know what is being used, when it’s being used and where it is being used. You can:

    1. 1. Track equipment and inventory from the office or a mobile device.
    2. 2. Keep track of inventory in the warehouse and on your trucks.
    3. 3. Manage and move inventory from the warehouse to your trucks.
    4. 4. Instantly track the amount of stock you have across multiple warehouses.
    5. 5. Store your billing items in a single location and send from the office or field.
    6. 6. Track job sites so you are aware when equipment will be ready for the next job. 

    These key insights are invaluable when you’re acquiring and scheduling jobs for your crews. You can be more prepared for jobs when you know where your equipment and inventory are at all times.

    4. Managing Day-to-Day — Streamline Scheduling, Invoicing, Dispatch and More

    Intuitive work order management platforms place all your job and customer information in one location, making it simple to handle your day-to-day processes. You can easily manage varying pay rates based on tasks or locations, record payments directly and update your accounting platform. You can also:

    1. 1. View crew availability and schedule open slots in a simple calendar format.
    2. 2. Relay work orders with job details, location and customer information via SMS, email or push notifications.
    3. 3. Instantly know when your team has acknowledged and accepted a job.
    4. 4. Customize the scheduler view and create recurring jobs for regular projects.
    5. 5. Easily create and manage quotes from the office or the job site.
    6. 6. Customize invoices, revise rates, and manage billing more efficiently.
    7. 7. Invoice your clients directly and record payments instantly.
    8. 8. Build your own reports to easily gather specific data regarding projects.
    9. 9. Export reports into PDF or Excel for greater control and flexibility when analyzing business processes.

    Work order management software can speed up the invoicing process, cutting out unnecessary administrative tasks such as scanning, printing, and even making phone calls. Not only does it eliminate clutter and paperwork, but it makes virtually every task more efficient.

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