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Data Security with a Small Business Backup Solution

Security needs to be a top priority when considering a server remote backup or small business backup solution. To ensure the security of sensitive data, be sure the small business server backup vendor you decide on provides considerable encryption and password security.

This way you can rest assured that the only people who can access your company’s stored data are those authorized by you, and to whom you have given the password. With proper encryption and password protection, even your small business backup vendor will not be able to access your information. Your data must remain secure once it reaches the destination server.

A small business backup software solution that offers 128-bit encryption is sufficient for most users. The provider should also enforce policies to ensure that employees cannot access client data unless authorized. Most small business backup solution providers take a very serious view of the security of their clients’ information

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  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Mobile Secure App
  • Automatic or scheduled backups


  • Easy File Recovery
  • Automatic Video Backup
  • Mirror Image Backup

Storage Guardian

  • Data Recovery Into Different Machines
  • Proactive Monitoring Services
  • Cloud Collaboration Tool


  • Backup Selection & Connections
  • Data Deduplication
  • Backup Selection & Connections

Data Backup System- Key Benefits of a Centralized Monitoring Station

Tips for Selecting the Best Small Business Backup Vendors

There are several advantages to remote online backup, including: 1. Your files will remain available and can be accessed remotely from any location with an Internet connection. Files stored locally, as on a hard drive, are not accessible remotely. 2. Remote online backup providers adhere to rigorous practices that virtually eliminate the possibility of your data being completely destroyed due to a disaster. 3. Your backups will be physically safe. Remote online backup protects your hardware and software against theft, failure, and natural disaster whereas backups kept on a hard drive, CD or DVD are still vulnerable to such occurrences. 4. Remote online backup services include such security measures as traffic encryption, password protection for stored files and secure file sharing. 5. Many remote online backup vendors offer real-time backup protection at no extra cost, a service that most businesses will want to take advantage of. 6. For many businesses, remote online backup can be much more cost-effective than the offline alternative.

Compare: No Obligation Offers Delivered Directly to Your Inbox.