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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Debt Collection Agency

Some companies may need to use the services of business debt collection agencies frequently, while others may only have an occasional need to collect from a customer that is slow to pay. If you have a client or customer who is in default on payments despite your attempts to collect, it may be worthwhile to get some outside help. You’ll find a variety of business collection agencies, from small local collection agencies to larger, national companies.

Some specialize in certain types of debt, such as consumer or business debt. The best credit collection agencies will use legal and diplomatic means to obtain payments on outstanding debts. Each situation is different, and methods may vary with each collection agency. However, maintaining good customer relationships is vital to any business, so it’s important to find an agency that will treat your customers in a professional and courteous manner.

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Quick Overview of Business Insurance Providers

Montgomery & Meyer

  • 15 years experience in Collection Services
  • We Recover 80% of the Money we collect within the first 30-45 days
  • Aggressive Pre-litigation Collection Strategy

PRA Recovery

  • Produces a 33% Higher Collection Rate
  • U. S. and Global Collections
  • Licensed and Bonded, Partnered with Attorneys

RPS Worldwide

  • Ranks 25 on Top 100 List of U.S. Insurance Firms
  • Mobile App for iPhone Now Includes Health and Benefits Capabilities
  • Business Insurance Payment Service

Burt & Associates

  • in approval
  • in approval
  • in approval

Getting Help with Business Debt Collection Services

Tips for Selecting the Collection Agency

Processing payroll in a timely and accurate manner is essential for any company. Because of the complexities involved in monitoring and maintaining salary, benefit and tax information, many small businesses choose to outsource their payroll accounting to qualified specialists. Companies that provide payroll accounting services can provide some or all of the following services:  • Computing salaries and wages, including bonuses and commissions. 
• Withholding payroll taxes. 
• Administering employer-paid benefits (insurance, profit-sharing, etc.) 
• Electronic tax filing and payments
When selecting a vendor for payroll accounting, it is important to ensure that your vendor has experience in providing payroll services for your industry. For example, if you are in the restaurant industry, then the vendor should understand how to work with tips. If you are in the retail industry, then the payroll accounting vendor should understand how to work with bonuses based on sales.

Compare: No Obligation Offers Delivered Directly to Your Inbox.