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Business Loan Options

Every business needs capital, and small business loans fill that need. There are two common types of business loans: short-term and long-term. Short-term loans include lines of credit and accounts-receivable. Long-term loans can take as much as seven years to mature, and they are generally used for major business expenses such as the acquisition of facilities and vehicles. Business loans can be secured or unsecured and they can have fixed or variable terms. Business loans are important for businesses if the owner is looking to start the business, expand the business, improve the business, and, perhaps, to pay down debts to other entities.

The availability of a business loan and access to financial resources may mean the difference between a business that succeeds and a business that fails. Allow us to provide you with a way to find you loan suppliers that can help your company build a great credit score. The higher credit score your business has, the lower the loan rate your company will receive in the future. We have carefully selected top, national loan agencies that can provide high quality loans for your business at a significant cost savings. We encourage you to take two minutes to fill out the form above and get matched with leading loan companies who will provide you with custom quotes.

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Quick Overview of Business Loan Providers

Capital Access Network

  • Small Business Credit Sales Report
  • Serving over 40,000 Businesses in all 50 states
  • Funds on the majority of Business Categories

On Deck Capital

  • Simple Application and Fast Funding
  • $600 Million Dollars Delivered since 2007
  • Better interests than Cash Advances

Forward Capital

  • real estate focused investment company
  • Experst in property operations
  • Over $700 Million in Funds

Direct Capital

  • Equipment Leasing & Equipment Financing
  • Fastest-Growing Vendor Finance Firms
  • Get Working Capital or Merchant Cash Advances

Choosing a Small Business Capital Loan Provider

Tips for Selecting the Best Business Loan Providers

The Loan Application and Approval Process

Obtaining a business loan involves several steps. If you have not already done so, creating a detailed business plan will be your first step. Then you will need to choose a lender to work with and fill out the required paperwork to submit to the lender. Complete your application package thoroughly, giving careful attention to all the details. A well prepared application will have a greater chance of success.

Be sure your application covers the five Cs of business credit:

• Capital-Demonstrate that your capital structure will not cause the bank undue risk.

• Character-Your personal reputation and business history, as well as your relationship with your lender.

• Collateral-The bank will want your loan to be adequately secured with an acceptable form of collateral.

• Capacity-Your cash flow, asset/liability structure, and liquidity, and the net worth of both the borrowers and the guarantors.

• Conditions-You will need to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the economy, the industry, and any conditions that will affect your business success.

A loan committee will take into consideration these five elements when evaluating your application. Although lenders do not require every loan to be risk-free, they do need to identify possible areas of risks, and determine the level of risk involved. What can you do to ensure your application receives a favorable review? First, communicate your business plan clearly. Have a detailed and complete application, as well as an in-depth plan to repay the loan. Be specific regarding how the funds will be used, and demonstrate that you have a well documented source of repayment. Include an objective analysis of risk factors, and your strategy to deal with problems that could arise.

Compare: No Obligation Offers Delivered Directly to Your Inbox.

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