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Reasons to Consider Outbound Telemarketing Services (Infographic)

Sep 12, 2013

By:  Arlette Measures


Business Insights on Outbound Telemarketing

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At 13% Telemarketing has the highest response rate of all forms of direct marketing. Reasons to Consider Telemarketing Services.

  • 100% Best in class Marketers who integrate active telemarketing campaigns with email.
  • 90% Top B2B Marketing managers who listed telemarketing as the most effective lead nurturig channel.
  • 23% are the people who said they purchased because of a friendly or helpful telemarketer.
  • 68% The percentage of B2B sales that involve some form of human interaction.
  • 4% Managers surveyed that find telesales calls at work annoying.

Did you know?
9.9 – How “Best-in-class” marketers rank telemarketing’s importance on a 10-point scale

Five Ways Outbound Telemarketing Services Can Help Your Business Grow

Dec 4, 2012

By:  InsideUp

If you want to help your business grow, there are many things you could consider. Outbound telemarketing services are one such item as there are several key ways in which these services can help your business grow and thrive.

Here are just five of the ways outbound telemarketing services can help your business.

  1. Setting Appointments – If you need your sales staff to get out there and meet people in order to help your business grow, you might find that they have little time to make calls and set appointments up in order to continue the growth.  The telemarketing services can set the appointments for the company and then send out reminder emails when that time gets close.
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