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B2B Blog Roundup

Sep 24, 2013

By: Arlette Measures

Here are some of our favorite tips and insights pulled from the B2B blog scene recently:

  1. Are You Giving Up Too Soon? Telemarketing Stats You Need to Know, from the Telemarketing Lead Gen Blog, offers some compelling data that might just help you make more sales.
  2. On a topic we’re sure you’ve seen before, but definitely worth another look, BusinessGrow gives 7 tips to improve your blog’s search ranking. No old news here, in fact we plan to implement some of these strategies ourselves.  
  3. Can Big Data make a big difference for your business? Find out when you read Why Big Data Monetization Should Be Your Top Priority, on the Insightera blog.
  4. BtoB Blog post reveals how a little humor can be effective when marketing to CEOs.
  5. Here’s one we especially like, as we’ve recently launched our infographics campaigns with excellent results. Read How to Leverage Infographics for B2B Marketing, from Small Business Trends, for tips on creating your own.