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Older Leads can be a Hidden Source of Revenue for Your Company

Sep 15, 2012

By: InsideUp

Most companies have a database of leads that have been set aside after initial closing attempts failed to produce the desired results. These leads should not be ignored as they can prove at least as valuable as fresh leads and are worth working.

A case study by Marketing Sherpa followed Infusionsoft as the company re-opened the conversation with its cache of older leads. Using a well-planned email nurturing campaign, Infusionsoft was able to turn a surprising number of their older leads into customers. The results? Leads more than three months old now account for 37 percent of Infusionsoft’s customers. And 20 percent of their customers came from leads generated more than one year ago.

Marketo reports that when leads that are not immediately sales ready are properly nurtured, “they are three times more likely to become a sales lead in a given month than if they are not nurtured.”

However, true lead nurturing involves much more than sending out an automated monthly or weekly email newsletter. To be effective, the content of your emails must be targeted at the very least according to a prospect’s needs, industry and buying stage. This enables you to connect with prospects on a level that allows you to build a relationship and establish trust.

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