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B2B Blog Roundup

Sep 8, 2012

By: InsideUp

Need a little help to maintain your success mindset as we enter the final stretch of the year?

  1. You might find just the inspiration you need in the article 3 Ways to Grow Sales Inspired by Olympians, by Lori Richardson.
  2. Denise Lones offers Seven Tips for Converting Internet Leads. Although written with real estate agents in mind, the article contains several good reminders and best practices that apply just as well to online B2B leads.
  3. How is your lead segmentation going? The ReachForce blog lists 7 Lead Segmentations to Beautify Your Lead Nurture Program.
  4. Harvard Business Review writer Steve W. Martin provides tips if you feel the need to analyze What’s Wrong with Your Sales Training Program.
  5. OK, it’s not exactly a blog post, but we wouldn’t want you to miss the 2012 B2B Content Marketing download from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.
  6. How do your email open rates compare? “60 Second Marketer” Jamie Turner shares some interesting info from Eloqua’s benchmark email report.
  7. Are You Killing the Golden Goose? Find out in the PointClear blog post by Dan McDade.
  8. And check out a quick video from Jill Konrath called “Don’t Ruin a Prospect Callback by Doing This.” Following Jill’s simple tip will ensure you’re always ready when they call you back.