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Monthly B2B Blog Roundup

Aug 9, 2012

By: InsideUp

Now that we’re well into August, time for a little summer reading.

We’re not talking John Grisham here. B2B marketers thirst for knowledge, tips and insights that, when applied, offer an advantage over the competition.

Here’s what we found while basking in the glow of our computer screens:

  1. Harvard Business Review leads the way, explaining why CEOs Need to Get Serious about Sales.
  2. On The Whitelist we learned how to go Beyond the Welcome Email & Keep Building That Relationship.
  3. Is your sales team too optimistic? Some surprising statistics show up in a new BizReport article by Kristina Knight.
  4. Piyush Aggarwal offers some excellent 7 Simple Steps for Higher B2B Sales Conversions in his blog, Socially Yours.
  5. Do you understand your customers’ buying process? If so, you have an edge over at least 12% of your competition. Find out more about the Least Understood Aspect of B2B Buying, from B2B Marketing Directions.
  6. At, Jared Fabac expounds on 8 Ways You Can Use Content to Close the Sale.
  7. Make sure that content strikes a (somewhat) emotional chord. B2BScribe tells us Why B2B Copywriting and Content Must Have Emotion.
  8. Are You Managing Your B2B Sales Leads Effectively? Compare your process against stats from the latest CSO Insights report in an article from 3Forward.
  9. Then, get insights from Jackson Solutions to be sure you’re not making any of these 9 B2B Sales Management Mistakes That Might Prove Fatal.
  10. And finally, Lead Marketing Network’s Elise Rappoport gives us Six Flavours of Lead Nurturing to Cap Off the Summer.

And there you have it. So pour yourself a glass of iced tea, put on your coolest shades, and crack open that laptop.

Happy summer reading!