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Key Benefits of Using an Email Marketing Service

May 29, 2012

By:  Arlette Measures

Essentially, there are three good reasons for handing off your email marketing program to an email marketing company. They really have much to do with making your work life more convenient. Ultimately, whatever you don’t hand off to outsourcing, your main staff will have to handle, and that means that you’ll have a great deal more to do internally, typically at a higher pay rate than you would with an outside source.

You don’t have to do it yourself. Save time and staff for other important things.

Your main staff is there to perform things within their job descriptions — sales, support, and service. Should you decide to go ahead with an email marketing campaign (which can’t be avoided in this day and age), you would either have to hire new staff, or put your current staff on task. That’s going to cost time, for training and for implementation. With an outsourced staff, such as MailChimp or Emma, all that work is done for you by trained experts, at a much lower cost than what you would get using your in-house staff.

Get repeat customers with little effort on your part.

You likely know, already, how costly it is to get new customers— advertisements, product education, and selling can get costly. With an email marketing company, you can sell directly to former customers who already know your product, making the sell much easier on your overhead.

Make market research easier.

Email marketing services also offer analytics that can help you learn what’s working about your products and services, and what’s not, and those prices are typically considered part of the standard fee. It’s a situation where everyone wins—you and your staff.

You not only save time and money with your own staff (who can focus on closing deals and making those upsells happen), you can still have final say in what your company projects as an image. A good email marketing service will manage your lists for you, keep tracking and analytics on hand so you can see what products and services are most in demand, and keep you focused on your business.