What B2B Service Marketers Should Know About Online Lead Generation

Sep 9, 2014

By: Asad Haroon

No doubt you’ll agree that quality leads are the lifeblood of a successful business. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 65% of B2B marketing is focused on lead generation. In fact, a recent survey of thriving B2B companies found access to quality leads listed among the top five contributing factors in their success. If you’re looking for a source of quality leads to help your business grow, here are some important facts about online lead generation:

  •  The best online lead generating systems use a variety of strategies to gain valuable insights about service seekers. Online research tools like interactive needs analysis surveys, wiki articles, blogs and videos serve a dual purpose; to educate prospects and attract decision makers who are actively seeking business services.
  • Comprehensive systems bring in leads from a broad range of online sources such as opt-in email, video advertising, white paper syndication, social media marketing and contextual advertising. You get access to a wide variety of potential buyers on a cost-per-lead basis.
  • Quality online lead gen systems provide leads that have been submitted by the source, so the data provided (e.g. employee size) is impeccably accurate. Moreover, these leads are highly profiled using powerful lead scoring technology so they have much higher conversion rates.

As the leading platform to acquire new business customers, InsideUp has pioneered new ways of connecting service providers with buyers, and our leads consistently deliver measurable ROI for our clients.

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Maximizing Sales From Qualified Inbound Leads

Jun 12, 2014

By: InsideUp

Maximizing Sales From Qualified Inbound Leads – An infographic by InsideUp



What is the number one key to getting the highest return from your investment in qualified B2B leads? In a word, persistence. In fact, it can take up to twelve touches to land a new client for your business.


Did you know that 50% of all qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately? Unfortunately, many salespeople will simply discard these leads, which could become customers with just a little persistence. In fact…

● 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect.

● 22% stop after the second contact.

● Only 10% of salespeople contact a lead more than three times.


This is unfortunate, because only 2% of sales are made on the first contact.

Second and third contact? Only 3% and 5%, respectively.

Even the fourth contact results in only 10% of all sales.

➢ 80% of all sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.


Reason enough to cultivate persistence? At InsideUp, we think so. We are the authority when it comes to B2B lead generation, and we are fully dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

Persistence, along with a well-planned B2B marketing strategy, is the most important key to maximizing your conversions with inbound B2B leads. Careful consideration of this exclusive infographic from InsideUp reveals why persistence is so vital. It might surprise you to learn that 50% of all qualified B2B leads are not ready to purchase on the initial call. In fact, only 2% of sales are made on the initial contact. Another 18% of sales are made after the second, third, or fourth contact.

Since 80 % of closed sales happen after the 5th contact, the premise of successful inbound B2B marketing must be that the lead is qualified. Unless the person directly tells you to stop contacting them, you should assume that they are still interested.

The facts show that this is not simply a blind assumption. Most business decision makers conduct research online prior to purchasing. And the actual buying decision, for most companies, is a multi-step process, often requiring the input of several individuals.

Yet only 22% of salespeople contact their prospects beyond the second try. Purchasing leads and then dropping them after such a minimal effort is like buying a plane ticket and boarding the plane, only to exit before takeoff and then wonder why you didn’t get anywhere.

Is your company’s unique selling proposition worth the time and attention of your prospects? Yes, of course, you would probably answer. You know that it is, but what about your leads? If you give up too early, you could be transmitting the message that presenting your solution to them isn’t worth your effort. This is especially true in B2B marketing, where the decision making process, and the accompanying sales cycle, are known to be lengthy.


How rapidly would your business grow if you made consistent efforts to keep in touch with that other 50% of your qualified leads—the ones that do not close as quickly as you’d like? As you can see in this infographic, most of your competitors are not stepping up and doing this, which gives you a distinct advantage. Just by being persistent—in a consultative and not annoying way—you will set your business apart.


Your continuing to appear on the “radar” of your business leads says to your prospects that your solution is worth their attention. Simply letting them know you’re available to answer questions tells them that you will be there when they are ready, that you can be counted on to take the time to listen. By then, your brand will be more familiar to them than your competitors’. At that point, all you may need to do is direct the person to an irresistible introductory offer to close the deal.


With the rest of your leads—the ones that are still not ready to close—can you shorten the sales cycle with a limited-time incentive? It may be simply a matter of waiting until the time is right for them. Try a variety of approaches. Keep your messages low key and low pressure. You might say something like “I thought you would like to know that we’re offering two free months of service to all new clients who sign up in May.”


If you’ve been persistently keeping in touch, you should be familiar with their pain points, and can begin to address these in your communications, i.e., “I noticed in our last conversation your biggest concern was widget security. You might be interested to know that we offer x, y, and z layers of security.” Whatever your differentiating factors, be sure your B2B leads are aware of these.


If you offer a free trial, can you make it longer than your competitor’s free trial? Or allow prospects to use more of the premium features during the trial so they can fully experience the distinctive aspects that set your solution apart? The point is to progressively educate your B2B leads about the benefits of your solution. But doing so requires that you stay in touch.


Use this infographic to develop your own working strategy of purposeful persistence that will help you close more deals. The facts don’t lie; persistence really does pay off. In fact, it is the hallmark of all successful B2B marketing campaigns. So don’t give up! Remember, B2B leads are typically much slower to close, but they are also well worth the additional effort.