Mobile Business Marketing: Five Proven Areas to Focus On

Jun 21, 2015

By: Arlette Measures

Trends in digital forms of business marketing can appear quite suddenly; some continue to grow strong while others quickly fade into oblivion. For the marketer, it can be difficult to discern which avenues to pursue and which ones will not turn out to be worth the effort, especially when selling to businesses.

In the social media realm, for example, many have tried business marketing through several different channels that appeared on the scene. But eventually, the list has funneled down to the ones that have proven to work the best. Here are five areas that can bring you consistent results when executed properly.

Apps - Among the more common challenges of B2B marketers who want to use mobile is the need to keep the attention of prospects long enough to capture data that can be used for lead nurturing.

When your on-the-go business prospect discovers your website while fitting in a few moments of research in between appointments or over their morning latte, he or she will probably not be as inclined to take the steps of filling in a form and downloading your white paper as they would when sitting in front of their desktop. At this point they aren’t even sure that your solution is what they are looking for. One option might be to email the link to their inbox and wait until they’re back at the office. But by then, other priorities will likely have pushed the thought of your solution to the bottom of the list.

If, on the other hand, you offer a mobile app that contains all of the information your prospect needs to know, as well as a strong call to action, they can be learning about your solution within seconds, or can easily return to the app when they have more time or want to share the information with other individuals within their company.

Mobile apps offer another very important advantage for business marketing; they make it easy to collect lead data and track user activity. An effective mobile app can provide you with even more useful data and reports than you are accustomed to receiving through your web site, making lead nurturing and customer retention activities that more efficient and intuitive.

Social Media - Social media has proven its effectiveness in driving B2B conversions. In fact, 30% of Twitter users search for B2B tech brands compared with an 12% of tech searches on the Web in general. And leads from Twitter leads have a higher chance of converting on your site; 11% compared with a of 4% average of visitors to a company Web site. Combined with the fact that over 50% of social is accessed on mobile, you have good reason to consider having mobile-optimized landing pages for all of your social media campaigns. You can expect these pages to convert at a 40% higher rate than pages that are not optimized. Source: Marketing Sherpa

Video - Should you pursue mobile video as a business marketing channel? This chart from Cisco makes a strong case:

Online video usage is rising among B2B marketers, having increased by 12% in 2012 according to the Content Marketing Institute. 58% of B2B marketers rate videos as an effective content marketing tactic, according to MarketingProfs. Mobile viewers will watch videos three times longer than on a desktop computer. You can take advantage of the additional time to educate prospects on the benefits of your solution. Source: Brainshark

For shorter videos (six seconds or less), consider using Vine for building brand recognition. Three hundred tweets every second include a link to a video on Vine.

When creating a mobile video campaign, make sure your videos are share-worthy, are optimized for mobile, and include with a call to action with a link to your landing page and/or company phone number.

Trade Shows - You can incorporate mobile business marketing at your next trade show event to connect with prospects who are interested and get them to engage with your company before they even leave the show grounds. By providing interested parties a mobile optimized experience you can educate them quickly about your company and solution and make it even easier for you to stay in touch with them for further nurturing. Include a QR code on all marketing materials and handouts so they can easily access your information

Your Web Site - Engaging in mobile business marketing successfully does not necessarily mean that you are required to have a separate website. A new option worth considering is to have your mobile platform built using technology called responsive web design, wherein Web designers can create single site that will adapt to any device, screen size or screen resolution. This solution is an efficient and cost-effective way to get started in mobile marketing without having to build two different websites for the same content.

The Top Two B2B Marketing Challenges, and What You Can Do About Them

May 6, 2015

By: InsideUp

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If your company has been feeling the strain of increased B2B marketing challenges, you are not alone. Research by MarketingSherpa reveals the two main concerns of B2B marketers:

  • Generating high quality leads
  • Generating an adequate volume of leads

Companies that are working with limited marketing budgets and a smaller marketing staff have even more diffficulty generating sufficient leads. Combined with longer B2b sales cycles, these issues can seem like insurmountable obstacles to creating growth for your company.

Awareness of these trouble spots is the first step toward overcoming them. Here are three key areas worth reviewing, which can be factors in closing the gaps you encounter in your company’s marketing strategy:

  1. Take a critical look at your marketing and sales data and closely track ROI to assess the most cost-effective sources of quality leads. Purchasing leads from an online lead generation company is one solution many companies are using to keep the pipeline filled with warm leads.
  2. Make sure no lead is wasted. Organizations are working harder to bring B2B marketing and sales together to determine what constitutes a high quality lead and when a lead is ready to be turned over to sales. More companies are also employing lead management technology to ensure they are pulling the highest possible return on those leads.
  3. Meet the challenge of a longer B2B sales cycle by refining and strengthening your lead nurturing process. This will enable you to capture sales and boost ROI even when leads don’t close on the initial call. Your lead nurturing efforts will have the added benefit of building trust and creating loyalty on the part of your prospects.