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Seven Steps to Increase the Productivity of Your Business Sales Team

Mar 12, 2014

By: Arlette Measures

A new white paper released by the Sales Lead Management Association offers some insight into the question of why some businesses fail to see a satisfactory ROI, even with high quality, real time business sales leads.

The reason is that the majority of business sales leads are simply wasted. A survey by the SLMA found that 75 to 90 percent of all leads turned over to salespeople are not followed up on. How do you know if this is happening in your company?

  1. Track your ROI. A separate study by the SLMA found that more than 60 percent of businesses do not do this, even though most sales software comes with ROI tracking built into the program.
  2. Identify and isolate issues related to meeting your ROI, and establish a plan to overcome these issues and meet your ROI goals. Include some of the steps below to increase the productivity of your sales team.
  3. Establish a policy that requires 100% follow up on business sales leads.
  4. Observe whether your team is spending too much time between calls. If so, minimizing distractions will help them stay on track—and on the phone with those leads while they’re fresh.
  5. Use progressive dialing, which will automatically start to dial the next number in line as soon as the salesperson ends the current call. (Not to be confused with predictive dialing, which causes a pause when calls are answered; most people will recognize this as an automated call.)
  6. Next best call routing is also an excellent tool. It eliminates the need for the sales rep to stop and analyze which call will be the best one to take, which can eat up a surprising amount of time. The system will select and route the next best calls to each rep, based upon criteria selected by the company owner or manager.
  7. Make certain your leads are properly nurtured. Have a plan in place for following up on leads that do not result in a purchase on the initial call. These are still very valuable leads, but are often ignored by salespeople.

By taking these simple but effective steps, and continually tracking your results using the ROI tracking aspect of your business sales program, you should see a higher percentage of your leads turning into customers.

Two Cost-Effective Alternatives to In-House Email Marketing

Feb 5, 2014

By: Arlette Measures

Email marketing is without doubt one of the best ways for B2B companies to acquire new leads. That’s why a recent study by BtoB Magazine found that 80 percent of the companies surveyed plan to increase their online marketing budget and of those, 68.6 percent intend to invest more in their email marketing campaigns.

To produce high quality leads, however, email marketing must be well planned and executed, with proper attention given to segmenting and targeting your audience. To optimize the results of your campaigns, you must determine your most crucial and actionable key performance indicators and test the results of each campaign accordingly.

Many companies report that the most challenging aspect of successful email marketing lies in finding employees with the expertise to properly develop and implement an email strategy. A recent survey by InsideUp found that for 70 percent of B2B companies, lack of expertise within their firm and difficulty finding qualified people to do the work were the biggest obstacles to successful online marketing.

Additionally, in-house email marketing can drain your budget and resources and make your marketing department more dependant on IT. It will also require a substantial investment  in customized software and server technology.

If this scenario rings true for your company, there are two excellent options that will allow you to reap the benefits of email marketing without the expense and hassle involved with hiring an in-house staff.

1. Outsource Your Email Marketing – Finding a quality email marketing company to take care of your needs can save your company considerable expense, not only in regard to hiring an in-house staff, but also in terms of email server processing power and internal bandwidth. You will have the advantage of the email provider’s expertise in all aspects of email marketing, such as list management, customized content, deliverability, testing and tracking, and regulatory compliance.

2. Purchase Quality, Pre-Qualified Leads – The crème of online lead generation companies have turned the process of generating quality, real-time warm leads into a veritable science. By diverting a portion of your online marketing budget toward purchasing leads that have been verified and scored using a detailed scoring process, you gain immediate access to prospects who are actively seeking your services–at a fraction of what it would cost to pull leads of similar quality from your own email marketing campaigns.