B2B Mobile Marketing – Tips to Get You Started

Nov 10, 2014

By: InsideUp

While a large number of online retailers are already taking advantage of the expanded reach of mobile marketing, B2B companies have been slower to move to mobile.  Since only 49% of your competitors are concentrating their efforts on mobile marketing for lead generation, your mobile marketing initiatives can place you ahead of at least half of your competitors. Source: Placester

That statistic is rapidly changing, however; B2B mobile marketing spend is expected to quadruple in the next four years, so the time to act is now. Source: Forrester Research

Forrester analyst Michael Greene explains: “It’s often assumed that because B2B marketers are traditionally conservative, they’re going to shy away from digital channels such as mobile and social, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case at all. They are going to use these digital channels to engage customers and we might even see more benefit from mobile for B2B than for B2C.”

Considering that the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies are making iPhones available to their employees, (80% according to the Business Insider, and growing rapidly) you can be sure that many of your potential leads are doing their business related research online.

Email – An Easy Way to Start

Despite the fact that an average of 13% of the business audience accesses email using a mobile device, compared with 10% of consumer marketers, only 33% of B2B marketers are designing emails for smartphones, falling behind the 41% of their B2C counterparts. Source: MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report

Your customers and prospects are likely already reading your emails on a mobile device. “Like it or not we are all already marketing on mobile devices,” said Giles House, Vice President at Callidus Cloud.

Why not optimize their experience and make it easier to read and respond to your emails via mobile?  “There are some obvious differences between reading on a mobile and a laptop/desktop such as size and formatting,” says House, “and a ‘call to action’ can be exactly that – a call now.”

Best Practices for B2B Mobile Marketing

Whatever channel you decide to start with, these four practices should always be a part of your mobile marketing strategy.

  1. Check your mobile site and apps for readability. Be sure that the message you want your prospects to come away with can be readily accessed and viewed within the mobile environment. All links to your content and landing pages should also be optimized for mobile and easy to get to.
  2. Be sure to test each different email client to verify cross-platform delivery to ensure the success of your new campaign. This will help you to keep current in your understanding of what is working and where changes can be made.  
  3. Analyze the data you gather to gain an understanding of which prospects are discovering and engaging with your company through a mobile device.
  4. Observe user behavior patterns on various devices. This will also help you to know not only which devices your customers are using but also how they are engaging through each one. This will give you valuable data and insights, which you can use to optimize your overall campaign. 

One Stop Mobile Customer Acquisition

More than 25% of B2B buyers research business purchases using their smartphone. The rapid increase in smartphone and tablet adoption means this scenario is becoming ever more prevalent. Marketing to mobile users can open up a whole new world of opportunities to grow  your business. But it also requires a great deal of time and resources to develop and implement a mobile strategy.

While many media companies and retailers are expected to see more than 50% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, most will not be able to shift their priorities and resources to keep pace, according to a new report from Forrester Research.

Online lead vendors who use B2B mobile marketing platforms are adept at collecting information about your target market and categorizing leads according to detailed demographics.

Leads are rated by their mobile activity using a highly refined scoring system. This type of system delivers warm leads from mobile in real time, qualified and rated which you can use to supplement your own mobile initiatives while these are still in the development stage.

InsideUp makes extensive use of video and other mobile applications to reach business service seekers and give our clients all of the advantages of B2B mobile marketing.




One Way to Bypass the Complexities of Business to Business Marketing

Oct 24, 2014

By: Arlette Measures


If you’re acquiring customers through your own marketing efforts, could you still use additional leads, or leads that are more qualified? Of course–what business couldn’t use more customers? But a new era of customer engagement is upon us, and it seems that the latest marketing models are disrupted on a daily basis. The challenge for many B2B companies today is keeping up with the ever-increasing complexities of business to business marketing.

But rather than frantically try to keep up with the changes, consider the advantages of partnering with a B2B customer acquisition company. Even companies with sophisticated business to business marketing strategies in place still regularly purchase additional leads. And there are several compelling reasons to do so.

Leads from a company that uses a comprehensive platform which includes marketing automation, data profiling and traditional channels have some distinct advantages. They are able to precisely target and capture leads you might miss through the channels you regularly use.

Marketing automation, when used to nurture prospects increases qualified leads by an average of more than 450%, according to Annuitas group. But Forrester estimates that only 5% of marketers use a full-featured marketing automation solution. Because even with tools like marketing automation, it requires diligence to discern what your prospect’s concerns are and to provide content that addresses those concerns at every stage in the process.

Of course, if your own business to business marketing channels are producing a stream of leads for your company, you should definitely continue to develop these, but purchasing leads that have been nurtured and educated, and are nearer to the end of the sales funnel can provide a boost in revenue when needed.

Fueled by proprietary data profiling technology, a marketing automation platform like InsideUp will tailor client offers in real time based on the needs, interests, and buying cycle of each targeted business.

This is the only type of leads source that comes with a performance guarantee. You only pay for qualified leads that have verified contact information. So you won’t waste expensive clicks, and your sales reps will not have to deal with leads that are not qualified.