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How the Grinch Stole Your MarTech Stack

By Asad Haroon       B2B Marketing

In this happiest of seasons, let me ask my CMO friends: As you contemplate your year-end business review, do you have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head or is a nasty green-colored thief interrupting your Christmas dreams? “The number one business to business challenge for Chief Marketing Officers with their technology purchases is … Continue reading “How the Grinch Stole Your MarTech Stack”

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The Pitfalls of Falling in Love with Your Own Website

By Asad Haroon       B2B Customer Acquisiton

Building a content rich website, complete with syndication sidebars and advertorials, is viewed by many publishers as an automatic—even “elegant”—way to generate leads. And it’s true that content rich sites are useful, and do help to generate leads. In fact, companies with content rich, engaging blogs and websites can generate, according to Quicksprout, nearly twice as … Continue reading “The Pitfalls of Falling in Love with Your Own Website”

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The Rise of “Meta-Content” in B2B Marketing

By Asad Haroon       B2B Customer Acquisiton

Please stop me if you have heard this story before: “content is king.” Companies are falling all over themselves paying homage to this phrase (even naming their companies, e.g., Contently, iWebContent, Phenomenal Content, Content Writers, Content Development Pros, after it). However – news flash – the key to successful B2B content marketing in 2017 is … Continue reading “The Rise of “Meta-Content” in B2B Marketing”

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Announcing Our Advanced Data Profiling System for Superior Buyer Targeting

By Arlette Measures       Inside Updates

We recently unveiled our advanced data profiling system, which incorporates behavioral profiling along with business demographic data to precisely target businesses most likely to need the software and services that our clients offer. How We’re Raising the Standards for Customer Acquisition Technology and Processes Data profiling is a critical element of effective B2B marketing. In … Continue reading “Announcing Our Advanced Data Profiling System for Superior Buyer Targeting”

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