Could Your Company Use B2B Leads with 125% ROI?

By Arlette Measures | B2B Lead Generation Tips

Any company considering purchasing B2B leads from an online lead supplier will naturally want to know what type of results to expect. Will the leads you receive prove to be worth the investment? One of the best ways to answer this question is to research the results other companies have achieved while using a third party B2B lead supplier.

One such firm, TeleDirect, is a call center services firm employing more than 100 professional CSRs. The Sacramento Business Journal has listed the company as one of its “Fastest Growing Companies” in each of the past six years.

The company recently needed a continuous pipeline of qualified, high-ROI B2B leads that would be sales-ready within a few weeks’ time. However, the company’s marketing executives had learned from experience to be selective when choosing third-party lead suppliers. Some vendors, they found, employ unrefined, generic lead-gathering methods, resulting in low-quality, unqualified leads.

Supplying their sales team with a continuous flow of fresh B2B leads had been a key to company success, allowing TeleDirect’s sales force to concentrate on the sales process and conversions rather than spending too much time and resources on prospecting or qualifying potential leads. However, call center executives felt that they were using too many external lead sources and needed to bring efficiencies into their lead-gen program.

Knowing that call center service buyers rarely submit their contact information to an individual vendor, and that most prospects prefer comparison shopping, TeleDirect chose to purchase leads from InsideUp, where prospects enjoy the efficiency of using an online service to evaluate the pricing and features of several vendors simultaneously.

The results? TeleDirect Call Centers received an average 125% return-on-investment within the first 30 days of signing up new call center customers. This means that the total revenue it generated from customers within just 30 days of signup is 125% of the total cost of generating those leads using InsideUp’s platform.

On average, 80% of InsideUp’s B2B lead prospects requested custom proposals from TeleDirect, permitting TeleDirect’s sales team to work with interested and engaged potential new customers. By using InsideUp leads, TeleDirect was also able to reduce its external sources of sales leads by 50 percent.

InsideUp’s lead verification process ensures that leads provided to TeleDirect have a high response rate. InsideUp remains one of the company’s core lead sources. TeleDirect’s CEO, Tom Coshow, put it this way, “InsideUp far exceeded our expectations. InsideUp leads were not only qualified and verified..they were either warm or hot to the touch! Plus they were exactly the prospects that hit our sweet spot. Thanks to InsideUp, our business has grown significantly.”