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Building a solid presence on LinkedIn can improve your company's reputation and help your B2B advertising efforts

Millions of business marketers have discovered LinkedIn's potential for building brand recognition.

LinkedIn was designed as a platform to help business people connect, and it offers a number of tools created to help you do so. Here are a few ways you can use LinkedIn to create awareness about your business and B2B Marketing.

First, be sure to fully flesh out your profile. You can embed videos and your company blog on the profile page. Include a share button so your content can be sent to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Digg.

Add your listing to the LinkedIn company directory, with details about the services you provide.

Establish yourself as an authority in your field by answering questions on the LinkedIn answers page. You can find this section under the drop-down menu labeled 'More' at the top of the home page.

Join several LinkedIn groups and don't limit yourself to groups within your industry. Joining groups outside your industry can help you connect with businesses that might need your services.

You can even create and manage your own group. Participating in group discussions will help you expand your circle of influence.

Take advantage of LinkedIn Applications to create surveys and slide presentations, display your portfolio, and more.

Keep your LinkedIn presence fresh by posting news and status updates about your company on a weekly basis. If your content is widely shared, it may even be featured on the site's news aggregate service LinkedIn Today, giving you even more exposure, further helping your B2B advertising efforts.
Simple Ways To Build Your Presence on LinkedIn

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InsideUp also gives you a full suite of value-added marketing services, such as our automated phone transfer to connect prospects to your sales team, to help you convert more SMB prospects into customers. And, since reporting is vital to your ROI goals, we give you full visibility into your campaign using our online dashboard for both desktop and mobile.

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