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InsideUp Launches New, Scalable Lead Nurturing System

San Diego, CA, May, 2015 - InsideUp, a leader in customer acquisition for business software and service providers, announced today the release of its new, omni-channel lead nurturing system that resolves some of the most difficult challenges facing marketers today.

"Our new system solves a major problem for business-to-business marketers that need to complement their own multi-channel marketing and nurturing efforts to meet ROI goals," said InsideUp CEO Asad Haroon. "This initiative will serve our overall goal to exponentially expand the number of businesses interested in purchasing services and software from our clients."

Employing multiple marketing channels, the system educates target businesses, utilizing content syndication in tandem with a highly scalable process that incorporates the most effective lead nurturing methods. This entails live interaction with an agent at key touch points. It also includes the use of marketing partners, a robust marketing automation system, and mobile marketing.

"Even as the importance of marketing’s role has grown, many organizations are still struggling to develop comprehensive, multi-channel lead nurturing programs," says the State of B2B Lead Nurturing, a survey report by Oracle Marketing Cloud.

To fill this need, the InsideUp system utilizes a marketing approach that is personalized and scalable in order to effectively generate and qualify large amounts of sales prospects. The interest of potential buyers is nurtured through the sales funnel. These businesses are then matched to InsideUp vendors based on qualification parameters set by the vendor for marketing funnel prospects.

"The key to successful customer acquisition," said Haroon, "is to use an integrated marketing approach to nurturing. But the hurdles most marketers are facing, like dismal open rates—compounded by the struggle to collect emails in the first place—make such an approach next to impossible for most business services vendors. This is true for even some of the larger companies.

"We provide a better alternative; a performance based system that moves leads up the sales funnel, nurturing them from a low level of interest and capturing them when their interest has increased."

The InsideUp system also personalizes the nurturing experience. The company's unique process improves the user experience by limiting the number of phone contacts. This also keeps verification costs down while increasing the volume of nurtured leads delivered to vendors for closing.

About InsideUp, Inc.

InsideUp provides an integrated, performance-based marketing platform, designed to adapt to the buying processes of small business buyers. Led by seasoned experts in new customer acquisition and powered by a proprietary lead generation platform like no other, InsideUp is the premiere source of targeted, real-time business leads. InsideUp is dedicated to creating growth for businesses with a unique suite of products, a vibrant online business community, and a vast array of resources to educate small businesses regarding services they need.

The InsideUp marketing solution is able to meet the dynamic changes in demand generation through its proprietary data and behavioral profiling system, which identifies the businesses most likely to purchase services clients and then delivers personalized offers to them. Always at the forefront of new developments in customer acquisition technology, InsideUp continues to forge the way for businesses to connect and form mutually beneficial partnerships.

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