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InsideUp Achieves Real-time Targeting Using Integrated Data Management Platform.

October 27, 2015 – San Diego, CA - InsideUp today announced an important enhancement to its Data Management Platform (DMP),to improves targeting of businesses and enables multi-channel nurturing on behalf of its clients. InsideUp’s enhanced DMP capability forms the centerpiece of the company’s integrated business to business (B2B) marketing platform.

The InsideUp platform gives businesses the advantage of next generation data-driven marketing technology in an outsourced solution that targets a scalable audience. It combines key features of a DMP with an omnichannel campaign management system, to provide B2B entities with the data they need to market to key decision makers. This is the essence of account based marketing (ABM), a movement that, according to a 2015 study by SiriusDecisions, is gaining momentum among B2B marketers.

“B2B marketing starts with longer sales cycles and collective decision-making,” said Asad Haroon, CEO of InsideUp, “We built our integrated platform with advanced capabilities in data profiling and customer nurturing. For example, our solution can reach the 80% of known prospects who don’t open emails by serving them content as they research new purchases.”

The consolidates first-party and third-party “people data” sources, cleans and appends data records with real-time validation and creates and manages an unlimited number of audience profiles based on demographic and behavioral characteristics.

Sales and transactional information is no longer relegated to CRM databases, isolated from online activity. InsideUp unites the two camps of sales activity and marketing automation. Online actions that reveal level of interest are appended to existing records in the data warehouse in real time, and made instantly available. Through its sales pipeline system, InsideUp also tracks opportunities and conversions generated by client usage of its marketing platform.

The InsideUp solution identifies not only ideal companies to target but also specific people within those firms. Contact-level data, continuously enriched in quality and volume, becomes part of audience profiles. Desktop and mobile versions of the InsideUp buyer dashboard serve as an additional channel enabling relevant content to be pushed directly to the decision makers who use them.

“The flexibility of our platform allows a marketing leader to specify their ideal target customers, the amount of monthly budget they are willing to invest and from which point along the sales funnel they wish to draw prospects”, said Mr. Haroon, “From there, it’s simply a matter of monitoring and optimizing the results we obtain together.”

Clients can view all marketing activities and programs in a single dashboard. And an attribution tracking system provides insight into the value of various touch points used along the path to prospect conversion.

“We believe in an end-to-end approach to account-based marketing,” said Mr. Haroon, “But our services extend past what digital data sniffers and LinkedIn scrapers are able to deliver; we provide the kind of business rule expertise that can only be developed over time by a B2B marketing specialist like InsideUp.”

About InsideUp

InsideUp provides an integrated, performance-based marketing platform that readily adapts to the buying processes of business owners and managers. Powered by its proprietary marketing platform, InsideUp helps its clients to easily acquire customers and meet their ROI goals. By nurturing the interest of business decision makers through data profiling, omnichannel marketing automation, direct marketing, compelling content and a dynamic partner network, InsideUp helps clients generate prospects and provides technology-enabled services to assist in converting these prospects into customers.

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