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InsideUp Marketing System Incorporates New Technology to Provide Dynamic Email Content Delivery

San Diego,CA - May 28, 2015 -InsideUp, leader in customer acquisition for business software and service providers, today announced comprehensive improvements to its marketing system, including a new dynamic email content component.

Business email campaigns rely heavily on content to educate and engage targeted audiences. InsideUp's marketing system is able to dynamically scale the volume of its targeted marketing emails to meet the customer acquisition requirements of InsideUp clients. It also allows content to be repurposed across multiple business software and service categories.

The ADMA B2B Marketing Outlook 2015 report found that the top two objectives for marketers this year are generating leads (81%) and nurturing leads (78%). But 46% of respondents said that achieving a return on investment (ROI) from marketing was the biggest challenge they faced last year; only 38% are satisfied or very satisfied with their ROI.

" Our marketing system addresses the critical need B2B marketers have to demonstrate ROI by providing a complete platform tuned to the results-driven nature of our clients," said InsideUp CEO Asad Haroon. " Our solution doesn't require marketers to be heavily involved in technology. In fact, our ability to integrate with a client's CRM system, along with our built-in lead nurturing system, makes placing a portion of their marketing budget with InsideUp a very smart move. "

Merging automation with customization, the InsideUp marketing system uses personalized emails and dynamic conversion pages to create a user experience that is tailored to the sourcing needs of each individual business decision maker. This flexible system produces and delivers emails that are tailored to each buyer's interest and stage in the buying cycle. Every email includes easy access to a personalized online dashboard, available either on a desktop or mobile device, where a business owner/manager can take advantage of free tools and content to inform their decision. One-click submission options provide an additional level of ease when requesting vendor quotes.

" All of this ensures that the emails we send are read by those most likely to take an interest and request more information," said Haroon. " At this point in the evolution of our marketing system, every element has been integrated and finely tuned to enable follow-up with custom-tailored messages that specifically address each prospect's needs and pain points, and ultimately lead them to a beneficial relationship with the appropriate InsideUp vendor."

About InsideUp,

InsideUp provides an integrated, performance-based marketing platform that readily adapts to the buying processes of business owners and managers. Powered by its proprietary marketing platform, InsideUp helps its clients to easily acquire customers and meet their ROI goals. By nurturing the interest of business decision makers through data profiling, omnichannel marketing automation, direct marketing, compelling content and a dynamic partner network, InsideUp helps clients generate prospects and provides technology-enabled services to assist in converting these prospects into customers.

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